Australian Bushfire Wildlife Benefit

Thanks to your incredible generosity
we have managed to raise a staggering

$2,518,028 lindens

and counting.

You have been the cause of a lot of ugly crying by the entire fundraising team as we have watched in awe at the way you have all supported the animals of Australia.

From the singers, to the merchants, to the residents and beyond we cannot thank you enough for what you have all done. We are truly humbled to be a part of the Second Life Community today.

Keep an eye on this page for information of the donation as we go through the cash out process and transfer the funds to

(We will have to have a special talk to Linden Labs to see if we can convince them to lower or cancel any fees so that as much of this money goes to the cause as possible. But you WILL be kept up to date every step of the way)

Live Music Sim – Mythical SerenityShopping and Raffle Sim – FaMESHedX

Our Mission

Catastrophic fires are raging across Australia. Our nation is in the midst of a crisis.

The fires have already taken so much. Entire communities have been left devastated. The loss of both human and animal life has been unimaginable and heartbreaking.

With the bushfire disaster expected to worsen before it improves, our animals remain under threat like never before.

Across the country, in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, we have mobilised our staff, volunteers and resources to provide assistance wherever it is needed. We’re helping members of the public keep their animals safe and providing much-needed equipment and supplies as well as emergency care and boarding where available.

Once the active fire zones clear, that’s when our most challenging work begins.

The RSPCA, working alongside government and emergency agencies, veterinarians and local authorities, will begin the difficult job of entering affected areas to identify and assess injured animals.

Our work will continue for months after the fires have ceased.

Your help will allow us to continue to respond to emergencies and help us assist animals and communities in need.

All proceeds going to

The Fundraising Team

What started as three Aussie creators wanting to help out the animals devastated by the bushfires has turned into a coming together of creators and residents alike that have blown the minds of everyone involved in making this fundraiser happen.

Ally from Something New, Kay from Image Essentials and Tori from Tori Stylez banded together with Dannon from -BBB-, Mace from American Bully and Jenny from Camp Anatine and the fundraiser grew from there.

19 individual live singers from within SL climbed on board for our music benefit and after putting the word out designers from across the grid came onboard to help out including Blueberry, Apple Fall, Lelutka, Lapointe and Bastchild, Mooh, Minimal, Adam Lavell, Entice, Goose, and many more with gift cards, gift items or vendors with 100% of all proceeds going to the cause. Elvi Fall from FaMESHed jumped on in with the use of a sim for the event and some amazing prizes.

Music Lineup

Music Schedule for Saturday SLT
1:00 PM Bella
2:00 PM Marqs Desade
3:00 PM Shayne Dezno
4:00 PM Aaron Cabott Jones
5:00 PM Dude
6:00 PM Antsrenfold
7:00 PM Owen Ruby
8:00 PM Holly Giles
9:00 PM Downunder
10:00 PM Ry Anne

Music Schedule for Sunday SLT

2:00 PM Savanah Rain
3:00 PM Aleykat
4:00 PM Camme Carver
5:00 PM Nina Setner
6:00 PM Satin and Erin
7:00 PM Essence
8:00 PM Liam Wakeman
9:00 PM Noma Falta
10:00 PM Arra

Raffle and Vendors

Contact Us

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